Bee Pollen After 6 Months of large doses

by Laura
(Port Jervis, NY)

Well I started small doses, and that was 6 months ago. I am a fan of craving natural sugar and so this became a habit and I would finish off a 16 oz. of Y. S Organic Bee Pollen in a week. Each week I bought another bottle, I guess I averaged 15 tablespoons daily, this is periodically throughout the day, at intervals. I have aliments such as low energy to work out, a vaginal disorder, and a sluggish liver. I also know for certain I am always constipated (bowels movements stink). I live on a vegan diet, no cheese, no fish or meat products, but these problems seem to stick around. What I noticed with the large intake is first I follow my instincts and listen to my body, so if I get achy all over my body, I know the parisite or something is trying to heal. The aches are really painful and that I was told is the ammonia releasing from the parisites, so I would become very acidic with the large intakes of bee pollen, and that also would tell me to take a break on the bee pollen giving my body a chance to balance out. Sometimes, I would take one week off or maybe two if I am fasting. Parsley and echinacea and lots of water help the acidic problem. Nothing has cured up, as I am working on how to zap out the gaseous toxins that are being release as that is not good for it to just circulate in your blood stream. This process kicks in once you start killing parasites. The zapper is one idea of remedying this problem... also anytime I feel stress or need a pick me up, bee pollen has always saved me and given me a calmness immediately after and during taking it. Love to hear any feedback. I learned recently that to rid parasites completely they cannot be fed starch products, some fruits and natural sugars, so i am really going deeper into ridding these problems for good.

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